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Hardwood Flooring

Choose from many hardwood flooring custom designs from straight, mix, diagonal, & insets to name a few layout options, & material options from bamboo, maple, birch, mahogany & more. We are experienced with glue down, nail down, & floating hardwood floors.

Tile Flooring

With many tile design, materials, patterns, and layout options available, our flooring specialists can help you chose the perfect option based on your family or businesses style, functionality, budget, and lifestyle.

Laminate and Floating Floors

Laminate flooring comes in many different designs and colors today like stone, wood, tile look, and more. Ask our specialists today what would look best for your project.

Staircases and Landings

Staircases and landings require skill and expertise. Our artistic expert installers really pay attention to detail on your staircase and landing projects needs for that perfect look and fit. We can do wall to wall or open on one side. Choose from laminate or hardwood.

Hypoallergenic Cork Flooring

We are excited to announce we are now also offering Cork Flooring! According to flooring professionals and quoted from Cork Flooring News:

"The cork material itself is mainly composed of suberin, a natural material that prevents water from penetrating the internal tissues of trees. The waxy suberin substance is further made up of tightly bonded compounds at the molecular level that block excessive water penetration.

This is why cork is so popular in kitchens as it resists moisture more effectively than hardwood, but most don’t even think about the mechanics behind why this is so. In turn, the hydrophobic properties of cork’s overall chemical structure are also what make it hypoallergenic. The material is nearly immune to mold and mildew due to the lack of moisture retention. Pathogens and pests alike cannot survive without sufficient moisture, so cork is an excellent choice for households with individuals who are hypersensitive to the element

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, cork is also considered a low-static surface. This makes cleaning simple and convenient since cork does not easily attract settling dust particles. A dry mop is sufficient to routinely clean the surface; water need only be used on cork every now and then. We must caution you, however, that while cork is naturally moisture resistant, excessive water accumulation can be damaging over time just like with any other flooring material. Think of what happens to a wine cork in a bottle that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while after being opened. As the chemical compounds in cork lose their strength, the cork becomes brittle and starts to disintegrate. Thankfully, most cork flooring comes with some sort of polyurethane finish to prevent moisture problems, but it is still best to be cautious rather than careless.

With so many flooring materials out there to choose from, sometimes it’s best to stay closer to nature. The natural durability, springiness, and pest resistance of cork is why it has become more popular in the previous decade as a flooring material. Originally available in sheet only, cork can now be purchased in planks and tiles for easier installations and repair. No one wants to replace an entire floor due to a small area of damage, but with cork as you just learned, having to replace it at all is unlikely so long as you maintain it properly and give it the same care as you would give your own wine collection."

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